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Supervisory Board

Listed in no particular order

Prof. Albert Lee 李大拔教授

Professor in Public Health and Family Medicine of CUHK
Founding Director of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion
Co Chairman of KTSCHCA District Health Centre Executive Committee

Vice President of UNESCO-HK Association

Dr. Ben Fong 方玉輝醫生

Specialist in Community Medicine
President of Hong Kong College of Community Health Practitioners

Director of Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research.

Former Chief Executive of Ruttonjee Hospital and Union Hospital

Dr. David Lam Tzit Yuen 林哲玄醫生

Specialist in General Surgery
Vice President, The Hong Kong Medical Association

Council Member, The Medical Council of Hong Kong

Dr. Jeffrey Pong Chiu Fai 龐朝輝醫生

Specialist in Ophthalmology
Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor (CUHK)
Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor (HKU)
Council Member, The Hong Kong Medical Association
Co-chairman, Youth Committee, The Hong Kong Medical Association

Chairman, Federation of Societies for Prevention of Blindness

Vice-Chairman, Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society

Prof. Justin Wu 胡志遠教授

Professor in Gastroenterology of CUHK
COO of CUHK Medical Centre
Former Associate Dean of CUHK Faculty of Medicine
Founding Director of Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine Independent

Non- Executive Director of Aptorum Group (NASDAQ: APM)

Dr. Kenneth Fu Kam Fung 傅錦峰醫生

Specialist in Urology
Council Member, The Hong Kong Medical Association
Council Member, The Hong Kong Society of Endourology
Former President, HKPDA Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association

Dr. Paul Shea Tat Ming 佘達明醫生

Specialist in Geriatrics
Former President, HKPDA Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association

Dr. So Yui Chi 蘇睿智醫生

Specialist in Cardiology
Council Member, The Hong Kong Medical Association Fellow, The Hong Kong College of Cardiology


Executive Board

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Dr. Paul Lee 李罡毅醫生

Chief Executive Director

Awardee of Hong Kong Youth Service award
Awardee of Hong Kong Outstanding Young Leaders Award
Founder of Association of Doctors for Social Responsibility
Executive Committee member of Alpina Charity Foundation
Co-founder of Hong Kong Health Technology Academy
Appointed Committee member of Committee on Promotion of Civic Education, SSP, HKSAR

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Dr. Ysabel Wong – Deputy Executive Director

Dr. Yukie Lam – Deputy Executive Director

Other Executive Members

Dr. Stanley Wong – Chief Project Director
Dr. Ken Ma – Senior Communication Director
Dr. Benson Lam – Senior Public Relations Director

Dr. Chris Li – Senior Project Manager

Dr. Kelvin Lo – Senior Project Manager
Dr. Posey Wong – Senior Project Manager

Dr. John Cheung – Senior Project Manager

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