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About Us

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“Humanity is our patient.”
The “Declaration of Professional Responsibility: Medicine’s Social Contract With Humanity”, adopted by the American Medical Association’s (AMA) House of Delegates in 2001, describes the role of the physician as more than a commitment to the individual patient, but a social contract with humanity, to promote interconnectedness among people.
Physicians and other health professionals must not see themselves as mere technicians with a set of tools to use on the sick; they must also be the custodians, enablers and advocates for health and societal wellbeing. The Preamble to the “Declaration of Professional Responsibility” ends with this simple reminder: “Humanity is our patient.”

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The Association’s objectives are:
- To serve as a platform to cooperate with NGOs and stakeholders in society, providing medical services to those most in need, especially elderly.
- To facilitate coordination and improvement of public health promotion in Hong Kong, China.
- To amass resources, such as manpower, funding, data, for public health awareness promotion.
- To inherit the social responsibilities to guide and inspire our younger generation to care for community and empathize with increasing healthcare challenges.
- To educate the public about health through health checks, nursing home visits, media publication, and various public events.
-To make social changes for a healthier community locally and internationally through adapting a multi-stakeholder strategy, involving both public and private organizations.

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Vision and Mission

The Association’s vision is to strive for a healthier community, present and future.
Steered by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, the Association works with the sustained effort of generations of socially responsible physicians to safeguard and upgrade the general health status and awareness in our society.

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